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From $295 for a Full Car Window Tint incl. Lifetime Warranty from Tint a Car Wellington

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If you really need convincing...

Whether you like the idea of pretending to be a celebrity or just like making faces at people without them seeing, window tinting is just the thing to make your car look super cool. And we're in luck, because Tint a Car have just opened in Wellington! To celebrate, they're here with a terrific treat. 

Snap up a 'Midnight Express' full car tint from Tint a Car for just $295. Not only will it look super cool, you'll enjoy ultimate privacy while getting daytime protection from the elements. The 'Midnight Express' tint cuts more than 50% of heat and glare and provides maximum UV rejection. This tint is exclusive to Tint a Car - and what's more, it comes with a lifetime nationwide warranty. 

Or if you're keen for their most popular tint, you can't go past the 'Octane' tint for just $395. It's their darkest legal tint and is available in 35%, 17% or 5%. It also provides maximum glare, heat and UV protection and comes with their lifetime nationwide warranty - treat your car today and see why it's so popular. 

Tint a Car have been 'bringing the cool' since 1972. Make your wheels awesome and click Buy Now on this terrific treat today!