$79 for 3 Hours of Interior House Cleaning from Goodnest

Goodnest Deal
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If you really need convincing...

"Mavis, I can't do this any more."

"But Gordon, it's great living together! The charades parties! The heart-to-hearts! The German cuisine nights!"

"I know Mavis, it's bliss! But I can't live like this. It's the grime! The smudged windows! And the dust. OH THE DUST."

"My goodness Gordon I didn't reali-" "WAIT. Goodness. Goodness... Goodnest!"

Yes yes yes, Goodnest is here to get your home spick and span. Never fear Mavis and Gordon!

All options for this treat include cleaning for the living areas and kitchen as well as cleaning supplies. So what exactly will be cleaned? Check out Goodnest's room by room outline

Goodnest is not your average cleaning company. A traditional cleaning agency hires cleaners as employees, and you have to search for local cleaners in business directories or online. Goodnest approaches this process differently using technology to drive your cleaning needs into a system that allows you to book, pay, and be served by qualified independent cleaners that are always fully background checked, interviewed face to face, trained, and insured. This makes them able to concentrate on better service at a lower price - perfect!

Go on, hit Buy and make your nest nice again with Goodnest. And have many more games nights with your very fun flatmates.