Airify - Heat Pump Cleaning

$69 for a Premium Heat Pump Clean & Maintenance Check from Airify - Heat Pump Cleaning (Value $145)

Airify - Heat Pump Cleaning Deal
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If you really need convincing...

Your heat pump works hard keeping you comfortable all year round, whether warm or chilly! Take advantage of today's amazing deal to keep it running in tip-top condition! 

Did you know that your heat pump needs servicing every year? And it goes beyond just cleaning the filters. A professionally serviced heat pump can keep your home warmer and your power bill lower!

It’s also important for anyone with kids to keep the air clean, especially if there are dogs or cats around. Not only will a well-maintained heat pump keep fresh-smelling air flowing through your home, but it'll also run more efficiently, reducing power usage and extending the life of your Heat Pump.

The professional team from Airify - Heat Pump Cleaning specialise in the cleaning and servicing of heat pumps & they are recommended by Mitsubishi Electric.

Your Premium service includes:  

Inside unit
Unit is tested on Heating & Cooling
Plastic covers and filters are removed and treated with an antibacterial wash
Internal Coil is injected with a high-pressure industry approved coil cleaner and disinfectant to remove blockages, mites, bacteria and germs
Electrical inspected & internal thermostat cleaned
Internal drain and condensate tray are flushed
Remote operation is tested and battery levels checked

Outside unit
External coil is injected with industry approved coil cleaner to remove blockages and increase airflow
Fan blades and fan bearing are checked
Capping and refrigeration lagging is inspected
Housings and grill cleaned
Noise level and running performance checked
Foliage is cleared from around outside unit
Unit feet and mounts checked and vibration
Drainage from inside unit and outside units checked

Click Buy Now and give your heat pump the makeover it deserves, thanks to the team at Airify - Heat Pump