$69 for a 90min Float Session, or $195 for 3 x 90min Float Sessions from FloatFix

FloatFix Deal
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If you really need convincing...

You can’t find a spot of relaxation between work stress and home mayhem, so step away from your schedule and step into today’s delightful deal!

Rest and relax your mind and body with a float session at FloatFix. During your session you’ll have a 15min shower before laying in your own pod for 60mins, then having another relaxing 15min shower. Experience total relaxation in your own peaceful space as you effortlessly float in 25cm of skin temperature water with Epsom salt. The combination creates a zero-gravity environment without any sensory distractions, allowing you to have complete tranquillity. Floating can help you relax, reboot and recover - check out more information on their website.

Give floating a go with one session, or allow yourself three relaxing sessions at FloatFix. They have Dunedin’s first floatation pod in their warm and welcoming location on Hanover Street. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff can answer your questions and ensure you have a comfortable experience.

Close all tabs and take in the tranquillity of today’s superb offer!