Main Mechanical Auto Repairs

$65 for a Basic Car Service incl. Oil Change & Filter, Fluid Check or $115 for a Extensive Comprehensive Service with Car Wash or $99 for an Auto Transmission Service from Main Mechanical Auto Repairs

Main Mechanical Auto Repairs Deal
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If you really need convincing...

Get your car checked out by the good guys down at Main Mechanical with these amazing offers!

Their friendly team will make sure you are fully aware of and comfortable with everything happening to your vehicle while it's under their care. You'll receive a quote and be asked for permission before a single screw is loosened on your car.

They're not interested in pulling the wool over your eyes!

Services include:

Basic Service:

Change oil, oil filter and gasket

Check / fill brake fluid level

Check / fill clutch fluid level

Test / fill coolant / radiator level

Visual check - cooling system hoses

Visual check - power steering fluid

Check / fill battery fluid

Visual check - air filter

Check / fill transmission fluid

Check / fill diff / transaxle fluid

Check / fill tyre pressure

Comprehensive Service:

All of the above and:

Test brake fluid condition

Test radiator cap

Test battery condition

Fill washer fluid / check blades - replace if necessary

Check Windscreen for damage

Test brake and side lights

Test headlights

Headlight polish

Check and adjust brakes as necessary

Visual check of fan / vee belts

Visual check fuel filter

Check spark plugs - clean if necessary

So click 'BUY NOW' and bring your trusty steel steed down to Main Mechanical today!