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From $299 for a Cambelt Installed, Options for Japanese 4 Cylinder Petrol Vehicles, Japanese 6 Cylinder Petrol & Diesel Vehicles, European 4 Cylinder Petrol Front Wheel Drive Vehicles & European Diesel Cars or 4WD from Ariyan Auto

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If you really need convincing...

My car definitely knows more about me than I know about it. It knows how good I am at singing showtunes in traffic. It knows my favourite swear words. It knows I haven't paid a parking ticket in a few years...

One thing I do know? My car needs this deal!

With this fantastic offer, your car will get a new cambelt installed. The expert team at Ariyan Auto will also carry out a visual check of the water pump and of the oil seals.

Not only will this offer save you money, sorting it out now may save you some very costly repairs down the road.

Ariyan Auto's mechanics are fully qualified and experienced with over 10 years in the industry -  they know their cars inside and out and can be trusted to complete any automotive repair or WOF in their fully kitted out workshop. They can also offer full diagnostics and can provide auto electrical services if required. European, Subarus and Rotary Engines are their speciality.

Hit Buy Now to get to know your car better, thanks to Ariyan Auto.