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    Switchsmart Electrical Engineering

    From $1799 for a Panasonic ECONAVI Inverter Heat Pump Installed, 4 Options Available from Switchsmart Electrical Engineering

    Switchsmart Electrical Deal
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    If you really need convincing...

    There’s only so many times you can explain away your wearable blanket to the postie. Avoid questionable wardrobe choices for warmth and snap up this toasty deal instead!

    Enjoy a comfortable temperature no matter what the weather with this Panasonic air conditioner. Perfect for warming up winter nights or cooling balmy evenings, an air conditioner is an effective and convenient addition to your home. These Panasonic models feature ECONAVI technology to reduce wasted energy by applying high-precision sensors and control program technologies to optimise your air conditioner operation according to room conditions. This smart technology allows your air conditioner to evaluate the number of people in a room, along with their level of activity and adjust the airflow accordingly. This enables up to an additional 35% energy savings in cooling and up to 45% energy savings in heating, compared to other inverter models.

    Panasonic air conditioners also come with an air purifying system called nanoe-G which utilises nano technology fine particles of ions and radicals to purify the air in the room. It works effectively on airborne and surface-based micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses and mould.

    The Mild Dry Cooling function prevents dry skin and mouths and is designed to overcome the drying out of your room air. By maintaining the level of air moisture in your room, Mild Dry Cooling is especially useful if you like to leave the air conditioner on overnight while you sleep.

    Designed for New Zealand conditions with an outstanding operating temperature range, the heating operation is possible even when it's a freezing -15C outside. The cooling operation is designed to operate even if it’s a scorching 46C outside, which is perfect for New Zealand's hot summer days. The outdoor units of Panasonic Air Conditioners are also protected from the damaging effects of salty air, wind and dust, thanks to the Blue Fin Condenser. This is a special antirust coating that can triple the life of the condenser.

    Today’s deal is offering you a professional installation of one of four quality heat pumps. Check out all the specs and features of each model under the tab above. Before installation takes place, an electrical professional will visit your home to confirm a suitable location for your new heat pump!

    SwitchSmart is an exceptional, professional and reputable air conditioning company operating in Auckland. The knowledgeable team are committed to providing a quality service using top notch products.

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    Sorry, this deal has ended!
    Check out our other amazing deals but remember to act fast as they’re only available for a limited time!