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$39 for a One Hour Sports or Relaxation Massage + $10 Return Voucher from Release Massage Therapy

Release Massage Therapy Deal
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If you really need convincing...

Reasons I am jealous of my cat: (a) fancy fur coat; (b) unlimited biscuits; (c) people pat you whenever you want.

I can't do much about the first two - but when you need a helping hand to smooth away those aches and pains, you can always turn to Release Massage Therapy!

They're offering to treat you to a one hour sports therapy or relaxation massage, plus a $10 return voucher to use towards your next visit. Your massage will be customised to meet your needs, and can focus on your choice of  back, neck, shoulders, calves, hamstrings and quadriceps.  

Massage is beneficial for everyone, from athletes to busy mothers and full-time office workers. Massage can help recipients improve the quality of their lives by destressing, relaxing, and releasing tension from the body and muscles. It's a great way to help relax both the body and mind from the pressures of daily life.

Release Massage Therapy is a Hamilton based clinic with the aim of providing professional massages for those with busy lifestyles who need to take time to relax. They know that you don't just need massage during business hours - that's why they offer flexible hours throughout the week and weekend. They also use quality NZ-made massage oils from Tui Balms.

You'll be looked after by Shaanika Caie, a qualified massage therapist and member of Massage New Zealand. An athlete herself, Shaanika has experienced first hand how beneficial massages can be, especially during peak season when bodies become tired and overused, leading to the potential for injury. Sports massage can help athletes perform to their potential all year long and get the most out of their chosen sport.

Sound good? We think so too - so just click Buy Now and get in touch with Release Massage Therapy!